Losing Weight Doesn't Have to be Expensive

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When I started to think of losing weight I carefully chose which diet delivery program to consider. There are numerous door-to-door diet delivery services here in Metro Manila that varies in calorie count, delivery charges, delivery time, service area, and of course the price. These are the things you want to ask when inquiring about diet program from the providers. Considering the factors, I started asking several providers to find the one that will fit my needs.

Plan:Eat Program is my choice from all of the service providers for the following reasons:

1. They provide a range of calorie count, which starts at 1200, next is, 1500, 1800 and 2000 calories (per day) depending on the right nutrition your body needs. 

2. Calorie Count = Price for your order (Meals for 5 days exclusive of delivery charge). 

3. Cheap delivery charge. This may vary depending on your area. (Here in BGC it’s P100 delivery charge for 5days)

4. Complete set of meals. You’ll have your meal for Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack, and Dinner

5. Healthy balanced diet. Usually, I get to see in my order a rice meal with meat & veggies, pasta, muesli/cereals, fruits, and sweets (yes you read it right! Sweets!). Get to enjoy different meals everyday!  

6. Food allergy friendly. You can tell them any concerns of food allergy so it will be carefully considered. The good thing is, when you specify your food restrictions they will make a substitute meal with no extra charge.  

7. Hassle-free payment. Use your BDO/BPI mobile banking app to transfer payments to their account. A screenshot or online receipt will do.  

Why consider a diet delivery service?
Working in Philippine Stock Exchange Ortigas, I don’t have the jolly-jeep option like in Makati. Yes, there’s a canteen. Canteen usually costs me around P80+, and on the canteen at the other wing costs me about P50+ but gave me stomachache. Either that, or go to a fastfood or restaurant. I’ve been doing that for 3yrs., gives me the dilemmas of what to eat at lunch then end up eating Shanghai Rice or Burger Steak

Why not prepare your own meals?
This is case to case. If you have the luxury of time in the morning, maybe it will work for you. Can also be done at night, but considering the hassle of transportation here, you’d rather want to rest. Factors like time, effort, and knowing how to cook, it might not work for most of us. Better assess your capacity and resources first to know what really works best for you. With my work and lifestyle, this won’t work.

Every week I order PLAN 1500 for my 5-day meal and I regularly pay P1,600 (inclusive of delivery charge) for my plan.  Considering my expense when I didn’t have food discipline (Read the story here: The Fitter Lane), I’m way over budget. But now that I’ve been with Plan:Eat Program for 6 months I get to manage my expenses wisely, eat healthy, and l have sustained my weight to normal.
Values on "w/o diet program" are based on my previous lifestyle.

Note that diet program is portion control, meaning the amount of food served is in small servings, which is calorie-counted and not your usual pig-out food. 

If you're stepping to healthy eating and want to change your lifestyle, I would definitely endorse Plan:Eat as your guide to a diet meal program. It will definitely help you with your weight loss, and the one that’s perfect for your budget! 


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