7 things to keep in mind when starting a healthy YOU

6:42 AM Lee 0 Comments

The day I started to focus on losing weight I saved some notes in mind that I would like to share. Start is never easy but as you have these pointers in mind, the progress will lead to your goals.

1. Begin with defining your goals
the short-range ones are the best to start with
2. Trash your usual fast-food meals and look for a diet program that fits your need
remember that not everyone is tailored to be successful in diet programs, but you can at least try
3. Office treats are good but never for your goal
skip and resist the influence
4. Choose white meat, greens, and fruits 
you get invited to a dinner and cancelling is not an option, so be mindful of your order
5. Rice and junk food (tsitsirya) is not an option during dinner
in my case, eating these at night gave me a belly bag
6. Stop drinking sodas and other fruit juices 
these drinks are high in sugar which makes it more sinful than fat
7. If you crave, taste a little
sometimes it’s difficult to resist, bear in mind to just have a portion
Whatever your age start caring for yourself.