The Fitter Lane

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I was overweight. At 5’6” I weighed 169 lbs. last December 2014 during our Annual Physical Exam. I don’t usually check my weight but knowing that time was a shocker. Then came the realization of what I eat, the burden of a heavy mass to a sedentary lifestyle, and the pull of social influence. The things like eating too much fried, filling your fridge with processed foods, munching junk food at night, heavy rice loading during dinner and the post-lunch Starbucks fad. These were my turns that described who I was for the past 2yrs. Mary (officemate) & I used to say, “We will grow fat together”.

Then, I stopped at 30.

Last February of this year, a month before my 30th birthday, an officemate of mine introduced me to a diet program that provides healthier meal options. Okay, so I signed up! The goal was to reduce my weight and have proper food discipline since the meals are portion-controlled. I got headaches, was grumpy, and became woozy during my first 2 days. The challenge was real. I drink liters of water every time I feel hungry. Ignored all the office treats to keep me focus on my goal. No rice and buffet on weekends, just greens; salad. There I was, and after a month I finally lost 8 lbs. Yaasss! It feels good to hit that goal! 

Last May 31, 2015
March is my birth month, thus a new goal for me to achieve. I hired a professional trainer and started going to the gym. So I was excited! I went at Move Fitness to buy gym gloves & yoga mat. There was a free assessment of PBF (Percent Body Fat) so I didn’t hesitate to hop on to the machine. An even greater test was waiting for me! Joel, a PTRP convinced me to take their 90-day fitness challenge. Goal was to reduce 15% of your body fat in 90 days. (Bring it on! Challenge accepted!

From then, I woke up every Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6am for my intense training, plus cardio on weekends at the same rise time. I get sleepy at work, even hungrier than ever, and body aches all over. But what makes it particular was the feeling of being lighter & better. On my 67th day of training, Cholo (my coach) was confident that I already shredded a measured amount of fats. I then visited Move Fitness to finally have my result, there was no second chance on this, there’s just failure or achievement. 

Initial Assessment (March 11, 2015):
Body Fat Mass: 50.9 lbs
Percent Body Fat (PBF): 33.1%

Result (May 16, 2015):
Body Fat Mass: 37.5 lbs
Percent Body Fat (PBF): 26.0%

Bliss, the perfect feeling of hitting another goal on my list. Friends, officemates, and others were so proud of what I’ve achieved. But this doesn’t stop here. I continue to eat healthy and find new goals to beat. Thus writing a blog of my life story is part of that list, so everyone who have the same dilemma and need motivation, I hope this post will inspire you to always choose the fitter lane

Here are some photos of my journey:
  • Percent Body Fat Assessment
  • Percent Body Fat Assessment
  • Percent Body Fat Assessment