A Locavore Lunch at Brixton Street

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We’re most familiar with the terms carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. I think most of us consider ourselves as omnivore – a person who eats meat and fruits/vegetables.  I know a few who consider themselves as carnivore for they never eat a single veggie, but as for an herbivore who eats vegan diet, I never had an encounter. 

A friend suggested to eat at Locavore Kitchen & Drinks at Kapitolyo in Pasig City. I keep enunciating it as LOCA-VO-REH but I was corrected that it’s LOCA-VOR /ˈlōkəˌvôr/. A locavore is a person who eats locally produced foods, as the name implies. 

I had the time to visit Locavore Kitchen & Drinks last weekend to meet my friends for a catch up lunch. An almost full seat at lunch was a surprise but we had a good table inside for four. The ambience and industrial interior was great! The feel of having a lot of eaters entices you to really try what’s on their menu. The crowd gives you the curiosity and excitement to eat! 

Having Joanna and Wendell around was a no pork option. They don’t eat pork and I don’t eat most seafoods, we all have our own preference. To choose a must-try, we had a good help from their staff to narrow down our choices. 

Street Food Platter
Served first was the Street Food Platter. Who doesn’t love fishballs in a sweet sauce? As a Filipino, most of us grew up having this in the afternoon waiting for “manong fishball” to pass by our homes. That P5.00 of yours can buy 10pcs. of fishballs on a stick! Pretty nostalgic! It was a great pick particularly dipping it in their manong’s sauce or sweet chili sauce. 

Kinilaw Platter
Kinilaw Platter in three kinds: Fresh River Shrimp, Kalibo Oyster and Tanigue. Presented in three small bottles on a wooden board that makes it unique. It was a standout according to my friends (I’m allergic to this so I can’t eat). Ron even asked for a “pinakurat” vinegar to mix it on the kinilaw, and definitely enjoyed every bit of it.

Mac's Boneless Fried Chicken
Recommended by the staff as their bestseller, Mac’s boneless chicken is richly glazed similar to common Korean fried chickens. The chili of the glaze makes the chicken interesting but the problem I had with it was the excessive breading and thick skin, making it too fatty. It needs improvement to be honest.

Pho Lalo
Pho Lalo, a take on Vietnamese Pho and Filipino Bulalo. I was a little not so sure with it, because bulalo is “bulalo, nothing more. I’m a guy who loves dishes with “sabaw” so it made me think twice to judge Pho Lalo. It was actually good having the rice noodles, beef was so tender, it has fresh bean sprouts and a generous peeking bone marrow. Make it beefier in taste then this makes a perfect dish! 

Gising Gising
And of course, Gising Gising! One I must say an Instagram-worthy dish having the harmonious colours of sigarilyas, french beans, shallot & garlic confit in a great coconut sauce.

Add a refreshing drink to your meals, Cucumber Lime
Joanna, Ron, Me & Wendell
Overall, Locavore is definitely a must-try restaurant that offers one of the best Filipino cuisines. I’m very satisfied and glad to experience what’s on their menu. Congrats to their team!

Healthiness (4/5)
Taste & Food Quality (4/5)
Value for Money (3/5)

Locavore PH
10 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Telephone: +632.632.9600
Mobile: +63.923.588.9419
Website: www.locavore.ph

Thanks to my friend Wendell for providing the photos.

Wendell Viloria Photography
Flickr: wendell.viloria
Facebook Page: Wendell Viloria

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