Creamy Goodness From Kumori Japanese Bakery

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Growing up as a kid, our bakery provided me a convincing sense of bread & pastry goodness. Joseph Bakery, a family business owned by my late Chinese grandfather taught me the experience of simple baking, the appreciation of handmade bread. It was my father who showed me the importance of exact measurements and the right mantra of pressing or shaping the dough. (Hongkong bread is my personal favorite)

We’re all familiar with our usual bakery that we all love, but Japanese bakery is just starting to mark its charisma here in the Philippines. 

Located at the basement of SM Makati and Landmark is Kumori Japanese Bakery. Kumori is a Japanese term for “cloudy” (). The bakery offers a new level of craving for fresh breads, cakes and pastries. There’s no “pan de coco” or “tinapay na putok” here, rather a quality taste and texture of products. 

My friend Mary told me about Kumori, I ordered two of their products to try. As recommended by her, I had Hanjuku Cheese & Namachoco Sand Chocolate

First impression, the packaging has its own charm combined with elegance. Only Japanese can do that, making it cute and simple but goes with a class. 

The Signature Hanjuku Cheese is made with premium cream cheese, their version of cheesecake in soft and moist texture. Not similar to a “blueberry cheesecake”, the Hanjuku Cheese is fluffy, it has its particular subtlety yet creamy that you’ll crave for more.

Hanjuku Cheese is made in finesse that needs to be eaten with finesse. 

Namachoco Sand Chocolate is a sponge cake with cocoa cream. These small blocks of mini cakes are light and soft with a mouth-watering chocolate cream glancing on the sides. It has the perfect level of creaminess, neither too sweet nor bitter. An easy winner for my taste.  

A box of Namachoco is a sweet gift for special events like Mother’s Day. Can be a small token to someone or a take home surprise for your love ones. Maybe Namachoco is the key to someone’s heart who you always endear. :)

Kumori Japanese Bakery is unquestionably a store to visit. There are more products to try like the fuwa-fuwa cream buns, soft matcha bun, salmon bonito or maybe try their croissant. It’s the bakeshop that offers a one-stop shop of “heavenly goodness”. Quality always deliver a strong impression, Kumori has a great one. For my first try, it was never a regret. Know the experience and visit their store today.

Taste & Food Quality (4/5)
Value for Money (3/5)

Kumori Japanese Bakery
Lower Ground Floor, Landmark and SM Makati
Ayala Center, Makati City
Facebook: Kumori PH
Instagram: @kumoriph
Mobile: +63.917.828.5012

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