Dragon Fruit, A Surprisingly Healthy Snack

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There’s a fruit called Dragon! Pitaya, also known as Dragon Fruit is becoming popular in most Asian markets. I first noticed it at Market Market in Bonifacio Global City because of its vibrant pinkish color, looking like a scale of a mythical dragon. What makes it more interesting is the plant itself. When I visited Davao, I saw an unexpected cactus-type plant, very unlikely to bear fruits but a caretaker confirmed to me that it is the actual plant of pitaya.

Dragon fruit plant

The texture and small black seeds are similar to that type of a kiwi fruit. The taste varies from blunt to slightly sweet. I don’t normally buy the dragon fruit when I do my grocery, just the typical fruits with cheaper tags. With curiosity, I wanted to know if it’s just another “meh” fruit in a basket, but contrary, the dragon fruit is believed to have good benefits to our body. 

Low in calories
A fruit that is good for the waistline with just 60 calories (small size dragon fruit)

Strengthen immune system
Rich in Vitamin C that helps improve your body

Good for bones & blood
Has calcium and iron content needed for proper function throughout your body 

Remedy for constipation
The fruit seeds have good laxatives to help stimulate bowel movements

Helps protect against cancer & heart disease
Contains lycopene similar to other red fruits