Nadai Fujisoba at SM Aura

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Soba (そば) is a noodle made from buckwheat and wheat flour, popularly known in Japan which is a low-cost noodles found in fast foods. The soba is commonly served with hot broth or cold. 

Since Japanese ramen is gaining so much popularity here in Manila, we tried the new soba place Nadai Fujisoba at the lower ground floor in SM Aura. 

In search for the great food experience, I also look to any design details of a restaurant. Nadai Fujisoba welcomes you with a beautiful Japanese art, a cool interior design that also feeds the eyes. 

First order was a delicious Gyu Don with beni shōga (or commonly known as red pickled ginger) on top. What makes this bowl even better was the rice texture and grain shape, which you can tell is premium rice.

Gyu Don (P190 - Regular)

We also had the Teisyoku Set, an option from any of the Donburi Rice Bowls; Currydon, Gyudon, Buta Bara Kimuchidon, Ebi Tendon, or Katsu Don plus with a choice of Kake Soba/Udon, or Mori Soba/Udon

We had the Buta Bara Kimuchidon paired with Kake Soba (P250 for the set). For pork belly and kimchi lovers, the Buta Bara Kimuchidon is a good choice partnered with hot Kake Soba! I personally liked the soba for its light and less grease taste. Really good!

Buta Bara Kimuchidon (Small)
Kake Soba

Since most Filipinos love hot soup, for first timers in soba, I would recommend trying their hot soba because you might not appreciate yet the cold one. But if you are a little exploratory you go for the cold soba!  

On the sides, we had 3-pieces Ika Tem (squid) and Yasai Kakiage (mixed vegetable strips). These two are so good when dip in their sauce! Good serving size for Ika Tem for it’s really big!

Ika Tem (P180 - 3pcs.)
Yasai Kakiage (P100)

Nadai Fujisoba is must try Japanese restaurant, a value for the money with really good serving, and food that will satisfy you. I’m definitely going back!

Healthiness (4/5)
Taste & Food Quality (4/5)
Value for Money (4/5)

Nadai Fujisoba
Lower Ground Floor, SM Aura
Facebook: Fujisoba Philippines
Instagram: @fujisobaph
Mobile: +63.2.777.3333

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Eat, Drink, Play at The Green Olive Café

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Board game cafes are the coolest spots to hangout nowadays. Since we engage too much on our smartphones when we dine, cafes like The Green Olive let you enjoy friendship and gives you a memorable bonding experience. The Green Olive café offers great dining experience with their food, booze, and of course board games!

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They have good choices in their menu from small bites, all-day breakfast to some of Tagaytay’s best. 

For wine lovers, they have fair choices on their rack and a menu for booze.  

The wooden interior is exquisite that gives you the casual-homey feeling. 

Bryan and Ron at the counter

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Have your game and food at their viewdeck

Here are three of our food picks: Ceasar Salad with Grilled Chicken, Angus Steak, and Chicken Pasta Aglio Olio.
Ceasar Salad (w/ grilled chicken)
Angus Steak (w/ 2 sides: corn & carrots, fries)
Chicken Pasta Aglio Olio

Take your pick! You can choose from their great selection of card or board games. Also, just beside the game rack are some take home products.

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Chili Garlic, Ensaymada, and other take home products 

Overall, we had fun experience during our stay at The Green Olive Café. The food we tried just needs a little more uniqueness but sure there are other options on the menu you can try!

Healthiness (4/5)
Taste & Food Quality (3/5)
Value for Money (3/5)

The Green Olive Café
Sta. Rosa Road, Tagaytay City
Facebook: The Green Olive Café
Instagram: @thegreenolivecafe
Mobile: +63.917.850.4273

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